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A mortgage calculator will give you an estimate of the payments you will have to make. You will be able to choose the payment frequency as well as the amortization period. It is important to note that this tool should be used solely for information purposes. Contact us so that you can get a more accurate result that best applies to your situation.

Welcome Tax

Transfer of Property Tax or “Welcome Tax”

The tax, which is based on the selling price or on the M.U.C. evaluation of the property whatever is greater. It will be calculated as follows:

Taxation Base Taxation Rate
$0 – $50,000 0.5%
$50,000 – $250,000 1%
$250,000 – $500,000 1.5%
Over $500,000 2%

After you have signed the deed of sale at the notary’s office, the municipality will send you an invoice shortly after you have moved into your new home. We are glad to have you, come again!