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Do you want to buy a house or condo in Montreal, Laval or Brossard?

A real estate transaction, whether in French or English, can be an emotional roller coaster, and very stressful, especially for first-time buyers.

A home is not an everyday purchase—you’re buying your future, the place where your kids will grow up and a lifetime of memories will be made. And a house has a much higher price tag than anything else you’ve ever bought.

As someone who has been involved in numerous real estate transactions, I know the stress and anxiety over buying a home can be real, but generally the best things in life come with challenges, But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth all of the effort.

That’s why my past clients recommend me highly.

– Over 20+ years of real estate knowledge – my expertise is at your service
– Peace of mind – at no cost for buyers.
– Detailed explanations and implications of every step
– Works exclusively for your interests
– Expert in negotiating to obtain the best price
– FREE buyer’s insurance
i) Tranquilli-T for unforeseen events like mortgage withdrawal or job loss, or
ii) Securit-T mortgage payment insurance of up to 12 months in case of job loss

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