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Opinion: Why The Mile End Is The Best Place For Millennials To Live In Montreal

by Kenny on September 8, 2019
Opinion: Why The Mile End Is The Best Place For Millennials To Live In Montreal

Yes, every Montrealer has their favourite borough. You may have your reasons for preferring a particular place, but let’s face it, there is one neighbourhood to live in the city that really should win an award for its versatility, atmosphere, uniqueness and vibrancy.

Mile-End is the borough often known as the place where all art students, young families, Greeks and Italians go to live in Montreal. It’s a laid-back atmosphere, abundant in artisanal cafes, artsy shops and vast multiculturalism.

So, if you enjoy late night pub and brewery visits, midnight bagel runs, endless summer festivals and outdoor markets and the most artistic scene in the city, what are you waiting for?

TL;DR In case you didn’t already know, Mile-End is the best borough for millennials in all of Montreal. Continue reading to find out why.

Mile-End Boasts A Pretty Incredible Night Scene

From bars that host weekly concerts such as the vegan/full bar joint Casa del Popolo to swanky speakeasy-style spots like Bar Waverly.

If you’re feeling more of a caffeine craving, there really is no other borough in Montreal that has more options than in Mile-End. Among the newer, upbeat cafés in the area such as the number one mocha spot Café in Gamba(trust me on this one), there are also some historic gems such as Café Olimpico.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and order a cannoli (or 2) and an espresso while you enjoy the warming weather and sunset on their terrasse. You can thank me later.

It’s The Perfect Mix Of Family-Friendly And A Student Oasis

With it’s close proximity to Concordia, McGill and UQAM while also straying away from the business model of a metropolis city, it’s one of the only boroughs in the city where millennials can truly thrive.

Pair that with dozens of markets, indie shops and seasonal events made for the entire family and there’s no way you can go wrong.

Let’s Not Forget How Drastically Cheap Rent Is Here

An example would be this 5 1/2 apartment on the market for only $950 a month!

This allows low-income students and families to enjoy city life without having to sacrifice space you’d only find in the suburbs.

Better yet, many Mile-End apartments offer amazing terrasses, gorgeous backyards, patios and greenspace! It isn’t hard to find your dream apartment in this neighbourhood.

Don’t have a car? It’s not even a problem. The borough is situated right along the STM Orange line, and also has multiple bus connections on almost every street! Needless to say, commuting is a breeze. Paired with the well-maintained bike lines perfect for spring and summer travelling, owning a car will be a thing of the past.

How Could We Forget The City’s Beloved St-Viateur Bagel Shop?

The original location is centrally located in Mile-End. Really, this alone should be enough reason to get you to move to the borough ASAP.

Just imagine late-night bagels whenever your heart desires. Yes, this dream is totally achievable.

If you still aren’t convinced, you definitely need to take a trip to Mile-End yourself.

Once you see how vibrant and exciting this artsy borough is (especially during the warmer months) there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love.

Who else loves Mile-End as much as I do?!

Source : Montreal Blog


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